Ask any working mom if they’d like to add more time to their day and likely they’ll answer “yes.”...
Time saving tips for working moms by Amy Wyatt

Ask any working mom if they’d like to add more time to their day and likely they’ll answer “yes.”
There’s always so much to do and usually not enough time to do it. Taking care of kids, a spouse, a job and themselves requires planning ahead.
Here are seven planning tips useful for a working mom’s busy schedule.

1. Plan your day around peak hours. You’ll be surprised how much time you’ll save by eliminating standing in lines and avoiding traffic delays.

2. Preplan your meals and cook double portions. You’ll avoid multiple grocery store trips, and it takes no longer to cook a double portion and freeze it, which saves time on the next hot meal you serve.

3. Keep a gift cabinet stocked. This will become invaluable when you need a last minute hostess, thank you, birthday or teacher gift. Stock up on items such as hand lotion, picture frames, candles and toys when they are on sale.

4. Have your children help. Teach kids to help out with chores such as unloading the dishwasher, staring laundry and making beds. Even if it’s not how you would do it, it teaches responsibility and marks things off your to-do list.

5. Shop online and buy in bulk. Shopping online saves travel time and can be done at your own convenience after normal store hours. Buying in bulk reduces the number of trips you make and saves you money.

6. Utilize waiting time. Time waiting in carline or for appointments can be used to return calls, write thank-you notes, make lists or get organized.

7. Keep a “launch pad” by the door. Store everything you need when you leave the house such as purses, book bags, shoes and keys in the same place. You won’t lose time searching for those items.

Following these simple tips won’t actually add more hours to your day, but they will help you make more efficient use of the time you do have.

Amy Wyatt is a wife, mother and speaker for women's events, schools and health care worker organizations. Amy travels the country representing Epilepsy Advocate LIVE (Learning from Inspiring Voices with Epilepsy). She resides in Dacula, GA.