Your pet is an important part of your life. Whether you are a dog person or a cat lover, you and your family have made a home for your pet, which has in turn enriched all of your lives....
Don't let your pet be bored Your pet is an important part of your life. Whether you are a dog person or a cat lover, you and your family have made a home for your pet, which has in turn enriched all of your lives. Chances are you treat your pet like a member of the family and like any family member, you do not want to see your pet bored.

Being bored means not enough mental stimulation. Make sure your pet's mental health is thriving. The healthier an animal's mind, the happier the animal.

According to Today, pets are given incredible attention while the family is around, but when the family members leave for commitments during the day or in the evenings, the animal can become restless. It is important to provide your pet with methods of stimulation for the hours you are away.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provided ways to make sure your pet is stimulated while alone.

Food puzzle toys are fun and rewarding: Food puzzles hold food or treats that the pet can access, but not easily. The animal must move the box around by shaking or rolling it to get the food out. These toys require time and problem-solving, which helps develops patience and self-reliance in the animal. These toys also promote licking and chewing, which dogs especially find relaxing. Additionally, it will keep them focused on something other than the furniture while bored. A trick is to make the puzzle more difficult over time. Your pet shouldn't have a hard time the first time, so they realize there is a reward for figuring it out. Over time, the puzzle should be adjusted, requiring more patience and control.

Hunting can be a game: If cats are your thing, leave the food bowls in different parts of the house every once in a while. Pick up the cat's normal station and hide the food bowl some place that will require the cat to search the house. After a cat gets used to the idea it will become a fun game and your cat will anticipate exploring new parts of the house.

Be consistent with your pets.
It is also important to not confuse your pets. Confusion can lead to self-doubt and your pet may grow uncomfortable with certain aspects of the lifestyle. The sad part is, you may not realize it. For instance, allowing your dog to chew on old shoes and then getting upset when your new shoes are chewed on will make your dog second guess other situations, or feel like it is being tricked, reported Psychology Today. Your pet doesn't know the difference between old shoes and new shoes, the same way old stuffed animals and the kid's stuffed animals seem to be the same. Don't cause confusion.

Give your pet space to move.
Like most animals, dogs like movement. No animal wants to just sit still all day and wait around. If you have a backyard that is fenced in, let your dog spend the day outside, after you have checked the weather report of course. If not, take your dog for a walk every day. This doesn't just mean going outside for the dog to do his business and then coming back in. Take your dog for a walk as if the dog is working out. Dogs need exercise. Plus, exercise is good for the mind, and a healthy mind prevents restlessness and discomfort in the animal. Doing your pet a favor such as going for a good long walk will be doing yourself a favor at the same time.

Treat your pet like a member of the family. Make sure their are options for stimulation, so that your animal can have a healthy body and mind.