Offer telehealth in three easy steps

We offer a simple and efficient way for your clients to offer telehealth to their employees. Download the Request for Enrollment Portal Form and follow three easy steps to get started.

Learn more below or call 800-396-4309.

Download Form
1. Complete the Request for Enrollment Portal Form.

You’ll need to answer some basic questions in order to complete the form. See below for more details.
2. Submit the Request for Enrollment Portal Form.

Send the completed form to GAGroupSetup@geniusavenue.com.
3. We'll set up your client's enrollment portal.

Once we receive the completed form, we create your client's enrollment portal for their employees to enroll in telehealth.

Information you will need from your client:

  • How will the employees pay for telehealth (credit/debit card or payroll deduction)? If neither, is telehealth paid for by the employer?
  • Who will enroll the employees in telehealth (broker, employer or employee)? If none, will employees be enrolled via a file transfer?

About the process:

We do the work
Simply provide us with the Request for Enrollment Portal Form, and we’ll build your client a telehealth enrollment portal. We manage the billing and collection of fees and monthly payment to vendors and brokers. Plus, we provide enrollment and eligibility data to the telehealth vendor.

After Setup
We’ll send you an email with the link to your client’s enrollment portal that is set up with the enrollment and billing method you requested in the Request for Enrollment Portal Form. This email will also include an Employer Administrative Guide to help address any questions your client may have.

If MDLIVE Telehealth is offered on a voluntary basis, employees can easily enroll on their own time. Plus, we offer email and telephone support if there are questions along the way. Payment will be collected upon an employee’s enrollment in MDLIVE Telehealth. Employer-paid groups will be billed monthly. For further enrollment and payment process details, please reference the Broker Administrative Guide and File Transfer Guide.

Ongoing Communication
Once enrolled, we engage employees and educate them on how to use telehealth on the website and via a nurture marketing email campaign—all to help increase retention.

Telehealth is brought to you by Dr. Connection Benefits. Billing and administrative services are provided by Direct Web Administrative Services, dba Genius Avenue.
Download the Form

Request for Enrollment Portal Form

Submit completed form to GAGroupSetup@geniusavenue.com.